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Atelier Pronovias

St. Patrick

Beau Belles

Yuvna Kim Maison De Couture

The Bridal Studio

Emma Phillips Bridal

Isobel Florence Bridal

From £500

The Wedding Company

The Bridal House

1 deal -10% Discount
From £340

Perfect Day

Mademoiselle bridal

The Cotswold Frock Shop

From £499

The Wedding Boutique

The Bridal Dress Company

1 deal
From £1,100

The Bridal Collection

A Hand Tailored Suit, Ladies

1 deal -30% Discount
From £599

Your Little Secret Bridal Boutique

2 deals -5% Discount
From £495

Butterfly Bridal Boutique

1 deal -10% Discount
From £595

Cherish Bridal

From £895

Blush Ltd

Afina Bridal

1 deal
From £400

Marguax Mae Bridal Boutique

1 deal -10% Discount
From £900

Rasha Kashou Couture

1 deal -10% Discount
From £1,200


Rookery Bridal

1 deal -10% Discount
From £850

Bijou Bridal Wear

Blue & Sixpence Bridal

2 deals -5% Discount
From £199

Clara Fitz Bridal

From £300

Erica Stacey Bridalwear

1 deal -3% Discount
From £750

All About Eve Bridal Limited

From £899

Liberty In Love

AUDESTYLE Personal Stylist

Lisa Lyons Bridal

1 deal
From £800

Olive Blossom Bridal

From £1,000

La Novia

1 deal
From £499

Hagley Bridal Studio

1 deal -3% Discount
From £850

Elsie May Bridal

1 deal -5% Discount
From £99

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Wedding Bridalwear Shops FAQs

There are hundreds of bridalwear shops across the UK and sometimes there are several in each town, all of which stock different bridalwear designers.

Before you make an appointment at your nearest bridalwear shop, it’s best to do a bit of research. You may find that you need to travel a little further away to find a dress shop which has the designer you’re after or if you need a plus-size boutique. Prepare to be surprised at the number of wedding dresses that the bridalwear shop will have available, but don’t feel too dejected if you don’t find ‘the one’ straight away - it can take a bit of time.

You should consider that you may have to go back to your bridalwear shop several times before your wedding for a dress fitting, so it makes sense to choose a bridalwear shop that isn’t too far away from home or your wedding venue.

How Do I Choose My Wedding Dress?

If you’re not sure on the style or design of wedding dress that you’d like to wear, take a look on Pinterest and Instagram before you start choosing your wedding dress. Look in your wardrobe at the style of dresses you wear that are most flattering and think about what will work best for the season, e.g. long-sleeved dresses are warmer in autumn and winter.

Once you have a moodboard of styles, do some research into what dresses and designers your nearby bridal shops store. If the website doesn’t tell you the starting prices for their dresses, give them a call - it’ll save you heartache if you fall in love and then can’t afford the dress.

Book an appointment at the bridalwear shop you like most and try on four or five dresses, including a wildcard that the shop assistants can pick for you. They do this as a job and might surprise you with the perfect choice.

Don’t try on too many dresses or you can confuse yourself! And it’s ok if the first one you try on is the one you like the best - that’s quite normal!

How Far In Advance Do I Need to Find My Wedding Dress?

Wedding dresses are often made-to-order and you should expect it to take up to six months for your dress to arrive. Factoring in time for your search and for alterations to be made once it’s arrived, we recommend you start your wedding dress search about 12 months ahead of your wedding date. The latest to leave it is eight months.

It is important to book an appointment at a bridalwear shop before you turn up, so that the team are prepared to meet and greet you and tend to your needs. Some may have walk-in appointments, but it’s rare - the boutique’s assistants want to give you dedicated time so you feel comfortable and happy.

Who Should I Take With Me to the Bridalwear Shop?

It is advisable to take a maximum of two people with you to the bridalwear shop: your mum (or another trusted close relative like an aunt or sister) and your maid of honour (or another member of the wedding party). This way, you can get an honest opinion on the dress of your dreams but won’t be trying to balance 10 opinions at once.

It really isn’t recommended to take all your bridesmaids with you - you can get conflicting opinions that will make your choice even harder and may make you question yourself, even if you know you’ve found ‘the one’.

One or two trusted loved ones is all you need.

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