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My Lovely Wedding - Dubai Wedding Planner + Stylist

Cavo Zoe Seaside Hotel

1 deal -15% Discount
From £1,000

Riviera Reflections - Mexico

1 deal -15% Discount
From £450

BeeZees Creations

1 deal -10% Discount
From £500

And Then Became Us

From £5,500

Castaway Weddings

1 deal -10% Discount
From £2,000


2 deals
From £3,500

Your Italian Wedding Planner

1 deal -10% Discount
From £800

Chic & Fabulous Weddings, Italy

From £3,500

Bebono Destination Weddings Provence

From £3,500

Cake Delusions

From £250

Dale Alexander Events

1 deal -5% Discount
From £1,200

Olive Sky Weddings & Events

My Wedding Away

From £1

La Spagnuola Gavotti

From £4,000

The Bellagio Wedding Guide

1 deal -10% Discount

Dreaming Events

1 deal -15% Discount
From £1,250

Married in NYC

From £850

Bonita Events

From £100

My Natural Wedding Spain

From £800

The Empty Box Company

Treasured Ceremonies

Sicilian Wedding Lab

From £1,200

Luxury Weddings in Crete by Vasiliki

1 deal -3% Discount
From £1,500

Amulet Weddings & Events

From £50

Still Miracle London Photography

The Wedery

From £1,800

Katerina Meyvial Wedding and Event planner

From £1,500

Angela's Weddings in Spain

Nordic Adventure Weddings

From £1,270

Hello Event Group

1 deal -30% Discount
From £3,000

Angela Salzano Destination Wedding Planner

1 deal -30% Discount
From £250

THE WEDDING ISSUE-Destination Weddings in Italy

From £1,500

Lindsay Ruthven - Travel Counsellor

From £500

Gold Weddings Global

1 deal -10% Discount
From £1,200

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Wedding Destinations

Destination wedding planners will have experience and expert advice when it comes to planning a wedding in a destination other than the UK, so be sure to do your research and speak to a specialist once you’ve chosen a part of the world in which to tie the knot. Whether it be confusion about wedding destination paperwork, or the general coordination of your big day abroad, a dedicated destination wedding planner on Hitched will be able to help you plan your special day with ease. Find a wedding destination planner or specialist within this section and relax in the knowledge that you’ll be in great hands when it comes to planning your perfect day abroad.

What is the most popular wedding destination?

The most popular wedding destinations tend to be those with beautiful scenery and good climate, such as Italy, Greece and Spain, but if you plan on traveling further afield to get hitched the Caribbean is a really romantic wedding destination and Las Vegas is a hot spot for fun couples. First and foremost, a wedding abroad is about choosing a location you love, so whether you opt for an area you’ve visited before and fallen in love with or a brand new country you’ve always wanted to explore, be sure to pick a place that is personal to you as a pair.

How much does it cost for a destination wedding?

Depending on your chosen location, some of the best wedding destinations in the world can save you money for several reasons, including the local currency offering good value for money, weddings abroad typically having fewer guests and being able to head straight to your honeymoon without the cost of flying out again. However, be mindful that if you intend to fly your whole wedding party abroad, the price of a destination wedding will rise.

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